Penetron Technology Helps Power New Hydro Plant In Tajikistan

If the business or institution you represent is seeking water technology solutions, it?s best to know what to expect from a water technology company. There?s a range of depth in which such a company may go to in order to provide the solutions you require. If you seek to optimize the existing water technology of your business or institution, an extended range of inquiry may bring about a more comprehensive diagnosis of your solution than settling for a more limited one.

If the water technology company you approach is content to simply look of the inflow and IRO chelating outflow on site and then offer different filters or chemicals as a way of improvement, then you?ve been offered a solution that only goes part of the way toward total optimization of your water situation. This doesn?t go far enough if you are looking for a complete answer to your water question. The complete answer also includes a hard look into your apparatus, which may contain areas of opportunity afforded by developments in water technology as detected by an engineer?s eye.

If you seek water technology solutions in Etobicoke, Ontario or the surrounding areas, we at Ion Water Solutions provide that comprehensive approach you require. We combine backgrounds of chemistry and engineering with water technology expertise in order to detect areas of opportunity in your water and in your apparatus as well. To see if our holistic vision of your water technology setup can be upgraded to add profitability or productivity, give us a call for a free onsite survey.
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